About Us

Sky High Developments was founded for the sole purpose of providing quality, affordable residential homes across Johannesburg, South Africa. With a strong professional team to support the business we are able to offer turnkey property solutions. Registered with and guided by the NHBRC’s quality standards and protocols, ensures the end product will always be high end. Not only do we develop new properties, but we also renovate existing properties to uplift the dwelling itself, and the area they are in.

Sky High Mission Statement

Sky High Developments strives to create best-in-class, sustainable developments which meet our clients’ exact requirements, both as investors and owner occupiers. We shall continue to be trend-setters and innovators, responsibly developing residential property assets which enhance the lives of our clients. Our team of professional’s design, create and build with one important aspect in mind, Quality!

Architectural Guidelines

Sky High Developments endorses certain design and aesthetic principals that are unique to the South African culture. We firmly believe that our climate is conducive to a very specific style of architecture that is not commonly found in colder zones such as UK, Europe and North America, for example, we use a lot of glass to allow warmth from the sun to naturally warm the homes we build. We also believe that a strong synergy needs to be established between landscaping and architecture, after all, South Africans love the outdoors.

Green Design

The generally accepted definition of sustainable development is “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In practice, this means living in harmony with the natural environment, considering the social, environmental and economic aspects of our decisions, and reducing our footprint by living a less energy, water and material intensive lifestyle.